We offer a wide range of dental services

In addition to “standard” dental services, we also bring many innovations and bring world trends closer to our area.


Implants made of titanium or titanium alloy, a material that integrates very well with the jaw bones. We monitor the condition of the implant and after the required period we do the final process of placing the abutment and finally the tooth crown.
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Whether it is a fixed or mobile prosthesis, our many years of experience give us the right to say that we are experts in this field.
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The essential phase of treatment is correct diagnosis. We are proud of the fact that we have the most modern equipment for scanning of teeth and jaws.
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Aesthetic dentistry

Whether it is a small correction or a complex aesthetic procedure, our office is the right address for that.
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General dentistry

Caries removal, tooth reconstruction and similar actions are the starting point of dentistry, and they belong to general dentistry.
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The most modern orthodontic appliances on the market, with the help of which the best results can be achieved in the shortest possible time.
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